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The Secret Nook – Chapter 4 (Doodles)

Posted on September 28, 2018

It took Meadow longer than planned.  A late-Spring snow storm had ground traffic to a standstill.  By the time she arrived at Storm’s, she knew she was late, but it really didn’t matter.  Les was poring over the sports section of the local paper and didn’t even look up.  He only motioned to the coffee pot and said, “Grab a cuppa.  We’re not going to get any business until this blizzard lets up, which they say will be mid-morning.” Meadow hung her coat in the back and took longer than usual unlacing her boots since they were so packed with snow and slush.  Eventually she emerged from the back, routed through the kitchen so she could grab a muffin, and then appeared in the…

Humanity is About the Workers, Not the Work

Posted on September 3, 2018

With Labour Day upon us, it might be a good time to ask a simple question: “What about the workers?” Seriously.  We’ve been talking about everything from what industry requires for the better part of two decades and workers are meant to just deal with any changes that have been implemented – most often without their input.  We demand citizen participation In our politics but tolerate an economy that sees less labour input, or even rights, each successive year. A good example of this the World Economic Forum’s recent report, published by its Council of Work, Gender and Education.  Its co-chair, Stephane Kasriel, posted last December what he believed to be the four predictions on the future of work, based largely upon the activities…

What’s to Become of Labour Day?

Posted on September 5, 2017

Social agencies throughout the country are encountering people who are recently without work or holding down one or two minimum wage jobs as they seek to make ends meet for their families. It’s an endlessly disillusioning process – one showing no sign of abating. Yet, with yesterday being Labour Day, the subject received little mention. Governments can be forgiven for having grown distracted by terrorism, climate change, the struggles of modern democracy and, yes, Donald Trump. But this is the new world, the new economy, the new reality of employment. Millions are facing it and, despite training and education, they are witnessing that link between work and wealth disappear in real-time and with real fallout. We see what happens when democracy stumbles along through…