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Christmas On The Ground

Posted on December 24, 2018

Christmas not only endures, but frequently transcends the times in which it finds itself.  In Christian tradition, that first Christmas story should have been over before it started.  A pregnant unwed mother has to travel many miles on a donkey, alongside an obscure carpenter that would soon be her husband.  The great political machine decided it was time to take a census and forced thousands of people back to their home villages to be accounted for. To make it worse, they are poor and there is no place for the mother to have her child, other than a small stable for animals. And yet it worked to an astounding degree – just like all the great inspirational stories over the centuries.  Whether they were real or not ends up…

Putting Community Back Into Capitalism

Posted on May 13, 2014

IT WAS THE GREAT REVERSAL THAT WASN’T.  Following the Great Recession there was lots of buzz about the financial community’s failures and the reforms that would be required to ensure such an economic calamity, like that of 2008, didn’t occur again. Stories of corporate greed, massive unemployment, bankruptcies, and mounting debt were everywhere. But what wasn’t sufficiently present in corporate or government communities was the actual desire to bring about the reforms. What people believe to have been a hopeful time of looking at our society in new ways eventually became the same-old, same-old. American economist, Gary Becker, picked up the signs of decay early and went on to note: I think you are not going to see a huge increase in the role of…

Cup-a’ Community

Posted on January 27, 2014

SOME OF MY GREATEST MOMENTS HAPPENED THERE.  When the Little Red Roaster coffee shop closed up for good this past weekend, I realized that the journey of my life in the past 18 years could be traced through the hundreds of meetings I had in that little coffee shop over the years. I remember when I took my Sudanese kids there for their very first hot chocolate.  They didn’t know English very well, but the sheer delight on their faces as their taste buds relished the chocolate and whipping cream could be translated into any language.  I ended up buying them two each.  Everyone in the coffee shop that day knew of their story and gathered around in celebration.  It was my kid’s first…