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Why Can’t Ontario Feed Itself?

Posted on March 9, 2018

It’s a term that’s becoming an increasing part of our everyday language: food poverty. It’s about those individuals and families who suffer food insecurity every day and have to make difficult and painstaking choices on what they have to give up to feed those they care for. Over 4,000,000 fit into this category, including 1,500,000 children. It’s an unsuitable situation in any land and a toleration of injustice to put it plainly. Food poverty has broken up families, led to emotional and mental breakdowns, poor health, poor school grades, chronic health conditions, and a lack of participation in normal social interactions. And don’t use food banks as a measure of how great the problem is because those suffering food insecurity are far greater than…

Why Can’t Canada Feed Itself?

Posted on March 31, 2015

NOT EVERY PERSON IS HUNGRY, BUT MOST hungry people are poor. There’s no way around it; a person with too little nutrients finds life an ever-greater challenge. “We have to eat to live,” said Marty Rubin, “and that’s our timeless tale of tragedy.” In the modern West, this is becoming increasingly so. Speaking to Global News a short while ago, Priscilla from Saskatoon put out the stark choices that consistently drive some to hunger: “If I attempt to eat healthy, bills wouldn’t get paid. And most of the time I’m balancing what’s more important – a roof over our heads or the ability to eat healthy – or even eat three meals a day.” How can it be that one of the richest nations…

Labour Pains (7) – The Great Reversal

Posted on January 10, 2012

We’ve all heard the scenario, right? North American companies say wages and benefits are too high in Canada and that they have to move to places like China to stay competitive. They offer only two scenarios for their Canadian workers: accept drastic pay cuts or get ready for us to pull out of your country as we search for the bottom line. We actually don’t know quite how to handle such a decision; it all appears so inevitable.  We might not agree with draconian cuts, but on the other hand we don’t wish to lose businesses from Canada either. The race to the bottom is on. Unmentioned in all of this have been developments within China itself revealing that threaten to turn such short-term…


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