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Posted on September 11, 2013

Sometimes falling ill has its own rewards.  My medical complications a year ago meant that I mostly missed out on a relaxing summer and I was determined to make up for it this year.  I have been working hard to finish off a number of books I’ve been writing over the course of the last couple of years and I’m glad to say that they are all completed.  You’ll find a list of them below.  I’m occasionally asked where people can get copies of the books and the links below will help point in the right direction.   From Canada to Brazil, California to China, Catherine O’Hara takes on an odyssey that will change how she views the world of politics. As Minister for…

We Have Overcome

Posted on November 6, 2012

This past weekend was the date of our annual Sudan concert, where numerous school choirs come together with some pretty special soloists and musicians to help raise funds for our ongoing projects in Sudan. It was the 10th year for the concert and, upon reflection, I learned some wonderful lessons while listening to the music. A decade ago, the first concert was about slavery – its habitual practice in Sudan and the brutal realities of people owning other people, often to their denigration and tragedy. We had been to Sudan on so many occasions during that time that the realities of modern-day slavery had begun to affect our joint disposition. In so many ways our visits to the region during the costly civil war…

Humanity In An Image

Posted on July 11, 2012

You can see why I was so affected immediately upon focusing your eyes on the picture. It’s from south Sudan in 1993. The little girl, along with hundreds of others just like her, was crawling her way along in an attempt to get to a feeding centre. Collapsing in exhaustion on the ground, a vulture that had been swooping overhead landed nearby in a gruesome vigil. No one knows what ever happened to the little girl. I had just purchased a computer and this was perhaps one of the first images I ever saw on the Internet. It rocked me back on my heels. I had to sit down on a chair as I put my head in my hands, trying to shake the…

While the Sun Is Above Us

Posted on July 9, 2012

Over the years, a lot has been made of the work Jane and I have undertaken in Sudan. Repeatedly the stories return to the difference one or two people can make in even the most impossible of situations. I believe that fully, and not just because of the good fortune we’ve been able to find in our overseas work. There are so many individual  Canadians who have played their own important roles in south Sudan ultimate climb to independence. People like Melanie Schnell. She phoned us one day from Saskatchewan in 2002, saying she was interested in the happenings in Sudan and wondering what she could do to assist as a means of getting some background for a book she wished to write. We…

No Mere Flights of Fancy

Posted on June 3, 2012

Jane reminded me today of one more rather distant connection with had with Queen Elizabeth II, whose 60th Jubilee is being celebrated today. Most readers will know of the rather hazardous journey Jane and I took into Sudan in 2001 to find who would eventually become our adopted daughter Abuk. The civil war was in full swing and any travel was precarious. We managed to find an air company willing to fly us to the area close to where we heard Abuk was situated. We arrived at Wilson Airport in Nairobi early in the morning and were led onto a larger than normal two-engined aircraft. Though it had been modified a number of times, it had clearly seen better days. That is the plane…

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