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Answers vs. Solutions

Posted on March 6, 2018

“The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom,” wrote Isaac Asimov in a moment of frustration.  Was he correct?  Of course he was.  The Information Age brings us new findings every minute of the day and our ability to assimilate that knowledge for the betterment of our communities doesn’t so much depend on our brain as our character. Everyone has answers these days, as our digital screens display relentless bits of information, research findings, and happenings across the globe.  People are finding answers for everything – how to fix an eavestrough, invest in stocks, tend a garden or hold a meeting.  Our days are daily journeys of discovery that assist with practical solutions or just…

Solid Foundations

Posted on December 3, 2013

There come those quick moments in time when, if captured well, can highlight one of those instances where someone could look back and say, “That was when we started to turn the fate of our community around.”  We had one of those moments yesterday in my hometown of London.  There have been a number of such occasions of late, but the announcement of some dynamic new initiatives by the London Community Foundation (LCF) successfully captured the will of our community to shape the future rather than play victim to it. Ours is a city struggling for a narrative and yesterday another chapter was written that stated our own community had the resources to build a new future.  What are required are some organizations willing…

“Reconfiguring Our Future” – Community Engagement Podcast (40)

Posted on August 29, 2013

It doesn’t have to always be a choice between sprawl and intensification.  Between the elderly and the young.  Between sustainability and development.  Between public transit and the car.  There are other options, often found in the middle.  Other communities around the world are experimenting with such options, in the process remaking those places where they live into the communities of tomorrow.  We can’t rely on the past, nor can we just import the future.  The best communities are those that develop homegrown talent, resources, compassion and a sense of togetherness. Just click on the audio button below to listen to the five-minute podcast.

Get Some Sleep – We Could Use It

Posted on October 15, 2012

Most of us remain aware of the advantages of sleep, even as we feel we never get enough of it. It resets our inner time clock, calms the nerves, refreshes the spirit, and supposedly helps us to live longer. Well it turns out that productive slumber can actually benefit the entire human race. Google began as a PhD project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They struggled through numerous concepts for how to make the Internet more research savvy. Then one night while asleep, 23 year-old Page got the idea of downloading the entire web on to a computer. As soon as he woke up, he says he, “spent the middle of that night scribbling out the details and convincing myself it would work.” It…