The Parallel Parliament

Glen Pearson

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The Secret Nook – Chapter 13 (The Older Self)

Posted on October 13, 2018

She didn’t know how long she wept, only that she had been inconsolable.  Meadow had taken what she regarded as a sacred writing to her bed, holding it close as a mother would her needy child.  Her eyes were dry and sore, her pillow wet from regret. It was clear now that Koay had understood far more than she had intuited, perhaps to a degree greater than what she knew of herself.  The painting had fascinated her – so young, so old.  Somehow, he had drawn a perfect composite of two Meadows.  The youthfulness of it held out hope and imagination.  But the sadness in the gaze overpowered everything else, and she couldn’t escape it. It held her fixed and, again, hopeless. It was only…

Start Living

Posted on June 29, 2012

All that is left is to act. The entire citizen engagement process culminates in this one moment. All the work, the humility, the learned respect of other positions, the toil, the compromise, the eventual landing on solutions – it all comes down to two key realities: will government listen, and will citizens press onward with their resolutions despite opposition should it come from their political representatives? In so many ways a community that starts out with many opinions ends up like an individual with a path ahead. A united resolve focuses the collective mind of the participants and leads them to a similar admission as that of Bella, in the Twilight Saga: “I’ve chosen my life – now I want to start living.” Ultimately…