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Sober Second Thought and Getting Real on the Senate

Posted on December 3, 2015

WE’VE LIKELY HEARD ALL THE ARGUMENTS, pro and con, about our Senate and the debate will continue for years to come. But it’s time to get real on some realities about it. It’s true that the Red Chamber is a mess and a partisan swamp. Yes, there has been corruption, and, yes, many want it abolished because it is viewed as irrelevant. But it’s become clear over this past year that it will take years for such changes to come and that in the meantime it will remain as one of the two wings of Parliament responsible for proposing, researching, and passing legislation. Just because you can’t abolish it doesn’t mean you can’t change it. Let’s think about what we can do in the…

Living Research

Posted on April 9, 2014

  OCCASIONALLY COMMUNITIES HAVE TROUBLE telling their own stories.  It often happens during times of transition, when change moves faster than a city’s ability to understand it. This is what happened in London when it came to a growing poverty problem.  While places like the London Food Bank were reporting that their clientele had climbed 40% in the last five years, London struggled to determine what was happening and what were the causes. The answers were never fully clear because the data required to get a good grasp on the problem was just not available.  Much of the data presently in use has come from Statistics Canada but was regionally based and couldn’t drill down to isolate what was really happening in our city.…

Liberalism – Guidance Counselling

Posted on August 11, 2010

Something’s currently happening in conservatism that represents a clear threat to the gains made by liberalism in recent decades.  Universities and colleges – crowning jewels in any smart advanced democracy – have come under threat, with many ideological conservatives believing they are dens of political correctness, special interest groups, and, ultimately, recruiting stations for liberal persuasions.  It’s an ironic reality.  Since Confederation, Canadian conservative-minded temperaments have cooperated with their liberal counterparts to strive for higher learning and showed solid support for research.  The “progressive” part of that brand of conservatism did much to raise the scholastic level of this country. The new strain of absolutism on the hard right edge of the conservative movement in this country has begun to challenge their historical counterparts…


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