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Payette Speech Should Spark Serious Reflection

Posted on November 24, 2017

Her speech was bound to raise the ire of many, but when Governor General Julie Payette spoke to the respected Canadian Science Policy Centre convention two weeks ago it’s likely she was unaware of the response it would generate. Yet, she’s been dealing with it ever since. Before proceeding further, I should declare that I had penned a National Newswatch article following her appointment that praised Payette’s selection, revelled in her life of remarkable accomplishments, and concluded that she was, indeed, a woman of her times. I should also state that I’m a person of religious faith who rejoices in her scientific advancements. Yet, after viewing her speech a number of times, I grew to understand how she got into some hot water. It…

The Powers That Be

Posted on January 7, 2014

WITH THE ARRIVAL OF THE NEW YEARS HAS COME the public announcement of some to run for politics.  In London, Ontario, a number of citizens who have currently observed from the sidelines have decided the occasion is right from them to enter the political arena.  Times are becoming more desperate and we require new blood in our politics if we are to drive change.  Who can doubt it?  The present management of our public estate has not only proved lackluster but self-defeating. Now that they’ve signed up, these aspiring politicians have a steep learning curve ahead of them.  For want of a better phrase, political life inevitably becomes a kind of “migrating” discipline.  In most cases it commences from a place among fellow citizens…


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