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Game On

Posted on October 6, 2011

Yesterday I received a phone call from a CTV reporter in another part of the country – a friend from the old days. He said he wanted to pick my brains about the Ontario election because he had been reading my recent blogs and wondered if I really believed progressivism was alive and well in this country. He was basing his argument on the belief that Canada is becoming more Conservative as the years pass, effectively isolating people like me in the process. I laughingly told him he had drunk too much Kool-aid. Why had he arrived at such a simplistic conclusion? Didn’t Prince Edward Island just finish an election in which Liberals, under Robert Ghiz, were returned with a majority government? What about…

The Thirty-year Memory

Posted on October 3, 2011

For many citizens, especially the progressive kind, there remains a deep and latent desire to rediscover a Canada that is not so divided along economic, social and regional lines. As the years pass, it feels as if it’s becoming more of a dream than a real possibility. Ottawa doesn’t so much reflect the divisions of Canada as it exacerbates them, willfully promoting the seeds of animosity as opposed to finding new levels of cooperation whereby we can all pull together to prepare for the gathering storm. Enough money exists to solve our most basic problems – more than at any time in history. Yet an increasing amount of the wealth created has gone to the people at the top and this lies at the…

The Mythical Middle

Posted on September 21, 2011

The parliamentary cycle begins once again and already the Liberal Party is getting its fair share of pundits offering advice on how it should renew itself. Time and again we hear of how Liberals must begin the process of finding the “centre” or the “middle.” I understand the allure of it; after all, it was the Liberals themselves who held the middle ground during many recent decades. Yet one wonders if there is a point to such a pursuit anymore. Let’s just state at the outset that there is no such place as a static “centre” of the political spectrum – it moves with the times. Jean Chretien’s middle ground was far to the right of Lester Pearson’s, just as Mulroney’s was to the…

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