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Putting Community Back Into Capitalism

Posted on May 13, 2014

IT WAS THE GREAT REVERSAL THAT WASN’T.  Following the Great Recession there was lots of buzz about the financial community’s failures and the reforms that would be required to ensure such an economic calamity, like that of 2008, didn’t occur again. Stories of corporate greed, massive unemployment, bankruptcies, and mounting debt were everywhere. But what wasn’t sufficiently present in corporate or government communities was the actual desire to bring about the reforms. What people believe to have been a hopeful time of looking at our society in new ways eventually became the same-old, same-old. American economist, Gary Becker, picked up the signs of decay early and went on to note: I think you are not going to see a huge increase in the role of…

Each Requires the Other

Posted on May 6, 2014

U.S. HOUSE BUDGET CHAIRMAN PAUL RYAN is attempting to have it both ways and he just can’t. His footwork is fancy, his rhetoric lofty, but in the end he can’t reward the rich and help the poor at the same time. It’s a lesson that has broader ramifications for capitalism. The former Vice Presidential nominee has been pretty serious and occasionally sincere in his reflections that those struggling in low-income situations should get more targeted help. He has frequented many drop-in centres, shelters, even food banks, and concluded the some serious problems are afoot that require an equally serious approach. At times he calls for an enhanced social safety net as a response. Ryan’s difficulty is that, as House Budget Chair, he is calling…

Dreamless Sleep

Posted on November 6, 2013

So it’s out.  No, not about the use of crack cocaine, or a new revelation on the Senate scandal. Following months of preparation, food banks across Canada have produced their annual HungerCount report.  Some in the media say it’s good news, that with the economy turning a corner we can finally see a decline in poverty.  That’s quite a stretch, and fortunately most of the media reported it for what it was: another indication of the entrenchment of poverty in the Canadian context that refuses to go away regardless of the state of the economy. The report concludes that food bank use has declined 7% in the last year.  However, much of that is regionally slanted, with many food banks facing continual increases.  Food…

Coffee as Currency

Posted on January 26, 2012

This week I tweeted that I’d be heading out to the ElectroMotive line to stand with the workers in their well-publicized dispute with Caterpillar Inc. It wasn’t my first time attending and it won’t be my last. Then something unusual occurred. Adam Green, owner of Red Roaster in London, asked if I would swing by to meet him on my way out. To my delightful surprise he was ready with a huge container of coffee, along with all cream/milk containers required. “Just let them know I am thinking of them during what must be a tough time.” He then added, “I’ll keep helping.” Good guy. When my friend Josh and I arrived at the line a short while later the workers clapped when they…


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