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A City of Soul

Posted on December 16, 2014

THE CITY OF SURREY, BRITISH COLUMBIA, decided it was time to get more serious about the arts. Only they didn’t undertake the task in the fashion other municipalities had tried. Believing that every aspect of the arts was vital to any future life the city had, they laid out some clear markers: they would develop 6 community public art plans, identifying sites and themes for the public arts around the city Surrey would compile an inventory of public and private sector cultural assets, services and facilities n the city – identifying gaps and needs seek to identify needs, opportunities, space and operational requirements for a decentralized model of arts and heritage identify space and resource requirements for the growth and preservation of cultural and art…

What Did You Expect?

Posted on May 27, 2014

  I WAS IN THE PUBLIC GALLERY WELL IN ADVANCE OF THE London’s Planning Division’s unveiling of their landmark work, titled “The London Plan”. As the gallery filled up to capacity, as did the adjoining overflow room, it became readily apparent to me that I was witnessing the preliminary machinations of democratic war. Not the one party versus the other party kind that has no deadened the political space in our world, but the variety that pitted a remarkably dedicated citizen movement against their elected representatives in what has become a very high stakes game – the future of London, Ontario. There’s no requirement to go into the details here; they are remarkably well laid out on ReThink’s website. Details are important, vital even, but…


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