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Opting In by Opting Out

Posted on October 16, 2017

One of the consequences of missing the mark on predicting the future is not only confusion, but disillusionment. It’s happening with democracy at this moment in time, leaving many feeling more isolated from the political process than ever. An example is what has occurred with the activities of mass media or social media. Futurists used to say that these new forms of communicating news and information would bring citizens deeper into the political process, leading to a democratic renaissance. In reality, we have discovered that what has occurred in recent years actually completed the alienation of people from politics and from one another. Throughout the process, anger levels remain troublingly high. Washington Post columnist David Von Drehle used this troubling reality as the title…

2016: Do What’s Missing

Posted on January 1, 2016

THIS PAST YEAR WAS A MIXED BAG for most of us. Mirroring our own personal highs and lows has been a larger world with both turbulence and progress. On the individual side, many of us will regret old resolutions unfulfilled and make new promises today in hopes of improving ourselves, and our circumstances. But what of the bigger problems of the world? We don’t even know where to begin in all the complexity. Somewhere deep down must come the understanding that these two dimensions – personal and collective – are intertwined at the deepest of human levels. We lash out, at least in our minds, at perpetrators in Syria or North Korea, in politics or in finance, finding in such figures the reason for…

Democratic Recession

Posted on February 24, 2015

  WHEN THOMAS FRIEDMAN OF THE NEW YORK TIMES recently drew attention to the 2006-2014 Freedom House finding that democracy is declining worldwide, it likely not to many were surprised. Places like Turkey, Russia, along with various countries in Africa and Asia, appear to have lost the handle on democratic progress that they possessed a mere decade ago. But when the report circled back on the affluent West, it didn’t mince its words: “Perhaps the most worrisome dimension of the democratic failure has been the decline of democratic efficiency, energy and self-confidence in the West at large. After years of hyperpolarization, deadlock, and corruption through campaign financing … things have become increasingly dysfunctional.” No surprise here either. An economic recession is often described as a…

Community Engagement Podcast (4) – The Humiliation Factor

Posted on July 5, 2013

Desperate times cause politicians to do desperate things.  It’s tough enough for our communities to face difficult times, but when we take on the process of undermining our efforts at building for the future by attacking one another, then there is no hope for rebuilding.  Being at the receiving end of government dysfunction doesn’t mean we have to adopt the politics of negativity to succeed. Click the player below to listen to a five minute podcast on this subject.

The Slide From Wonderment to Bereavement

Posted on December 3, 2012

I spoke to a highly respected Canadian on the weekend who had told me six months earlier that he was strongly considering running federally in the next election. Then things changed. “When I told others I was considering running, I was immediately put in a box. Prior to that no one questioned my commitment to the country and to sustainable corporatism; now I’m already being hammered by supporters of the other parties. I talked to my wife and we both felt that if that’s what modern politics is like, we wanted no part of it.” A sense of sadness came over me. Our country just lost another highly capable talent in the political spectrum. What are we doing? The refusal of good people to…


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