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Over His Head

Posted on April 17, 2013

Over two years out from the next federal election but the campaign has already begun, as the party leaderships are now clearly in place.  It didn’t commence when the Writ was dropped or the government fell, but by that first action that now seems to signal the coming electoral conflict in the post-democratic era – the negative ad. We continue to hear that they are used because they work.  Even certain political pundits seem to kind of relish this battle of the combative airwaves, as if admiring the tactic.  They are smart writers and observers, and they know well enough that the goal is to suppress voter turnout, yet they continue to take a certain morbid delight in their use. They mused enough about…

Get ’em While They’re Young

Posted on April 7, 2011

Yesterday I spoke about politics to a joint gathering of two grade five classes at St. Martin’s school in London’s Old South district. I had promised I would do it before I knew there was an election but felt I couldn’t break the commitment. I was to talk for a few minutes then permit them to ask questions. These were keen young minds and their questions covered a wide range of subjects. It was great … until near the end. One student near the back stuck up his hand and asked: “What is Mr. Ignatieff like?” I was about to answer when he added: “Is it true he’s never lived in Canada?” Both teachers grew quickly uncomfortable, as was I, but I did my…


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