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Identity – A Citizen’s Constitution

Posted on February 28, 2013

I still hold the document reverentially in my hands after all these years. CIVIC FORUM proposes to The Czechoslovak Public and Constitutional Organ of the Republic THE FIRST DRAFT OF THE NEW CONSTITUTION It was January 18, 1990 and the Czech and Slovak nations were meeting together to hammer out the “Constitution of the People”. Vaclav Havel was attempting to gather together diverse factions that had assisted in bringing about the Velvet Revolution and subsequent independence from the Communist influence. We stood in the room, awed by the realization that we were watching a new nation about to be born. Experts on constitutional law from the West had arrived and were guiding the arduous task of framing the nation’s founding and fundamental manifesto. Even…


Posted on February 16, 2013

Here is the link to my latest London Free Press article on our recent team trip to South Sudan – My new London Free Press piece on how a team of Canadians brought renewed hope to  remote region of South Sudan. –  It’s a key annual event for us, becoming ever more important as the world’s newest country seeks to get up off the mat after decades of civil war and enter an era of peace and prosperity. It was our largest team ever and they made key contributions. Ultimately it’s about two reunions.  The first is the team being welcomed back into the remote region and second is about our 15-year old son Ater and his visit back to a region he…


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