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Mayors: Ninja Nenshi

Posted on October 9, 2014

ANY MAYORALTY CANDIDATE RUNNING ON A platform of change is destined to face strong opposition the moment she or he gets elected. Just ask Naheed Nenshi of Calgary. When he called for a more inclusive city during his election campaign some special interests took notice, but given that there were so many candidates, they fretted little. When Nenshi ultimately triumphed in 2010, those same interests began coming together to curtail what they believed would be harmful to their sector. Given that the majority of them were powerful real estate developers with plenty of influence, the line was drawn for civic battle. Nenshi could have turned it into a two-party conflict between his office and the developers, but instead he developed a message that he…

The Genius of Naheed Nenshi

Posted on February 19, 2014

On March 1st, Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi will address the X Conference at London’s Convention Centre.  Find out more at ‘WHEN THE BURDENS OF THE PRESIDENCY seems unusually heavy,” said President Lyndon Johnson, “I always remind myself it could be worse.  I could be mayor.”  There’s much truth in that statement when we consider that mayors end up at the end of long line of designs promoted by more senior level politicians and larger jurisdictions.  The tools needed to do an effective job at leading a municipality are often owned or manipulated by others with their own political goals. Yet occasionally a mayor comes on the scene who teaches us we can do more than we think within our local confines.  Despite all…


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