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Identity – United We Fall

Posted on April 3, 2013

At some point you have to stick up for yourself.  That is especially true in politics, where countless people come after you with their own agendas.  If you don’t, you might lose their vote.  And if you accede to what they wish, even though you disagree, you might lose yourself. – a tough bargain. Conservative MP Mark Warawa has recently discovered a thing or two about this.  I know Mark, and even took French lessons with him one summer in Quebec.  He’s a nice enough guy, though we disagreed on many fundamental issues.  He holds strong opinions that are often fortified by support from a large number of his constituents.  When he announced in Parliament recently that he wanted to provide a MP privilege…

The Bigger Things

Posted on September 19, 2011

My wife caught me off-guard. We were driving to Ottawa with the kids at the end of August for what was to be my final caucus meeting for the federal Liberal party. As we neared what was my home away from home for almost five years, Jane said, “Doesn’t this make you feel odd?” Truthfully, it didn’t. Ottawa is a marvelous city, and serving in Parliament was a deep honour, but it was over for me and I was happily moving on. Later, as we talked over tea, Jane said it was sad that I wasn’t in Parliament, fighting for the “bigger things” and that she missed that for me. She always felt that I had a unique role to play in the federal…


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