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Election 2015: The Son Outshines the Father

Posted on October 21, 2015

  My new Huffington Post piece on how Justin Trudeau’s victory was greater than his fathers –   ‘PEOPLE EXPECT WHAT THEY EXPECT,” says Vaibhav Mehta, “But they never realize the possibility of surprise beyond expectations.” It is a sentiment that, just as good as any, describes what happened on Election Night 2015. Justin Trudeau accomplished what many thought impossible, or at the very least improbable. Regardless of what one may have thought of the remarkable results, it reminded everyone that the Canadian people, subtle and polite as they are, hold within them the seeds of quiet revolution, occasionally teaching us that even in the familiar there can be surprise and wonder. Almost every prediction was wrong. Virtually no one expected the early…

The Time for Tinkering is Over

Posted on January 22, 2015

THE FEDERAL LIBERALS CAUCUSED IN LONDON this week and it was good to see some old friends. Justin Trudeau was struggling through a bout of food poisoning and his caucus was focusing on the one issue they believe will prove critical to the coming election: the economy. I get it. Each party is talking about our struggling economy, hoping to leverage some advantage from it, one way or the other. But I wanted to ask my Liberal friends one question: will you stop tinkering this time? All parties have been doing so, but this occasion in London could represent a turning point within the party. We all understand that each time we bounce back from some kind of recession, severe or light, that we never…

Long In The Tooth

Posted on June 1, 2012

The call caught me somewhat by surprise. From a West coast publishing firm: “Would I be willing to write a book on my years in Parliament?” I thought about it for a minute and then asked, “Why?” “Because you knew a lot of the players,” the publisher said, “and you have a transparent style of writing – might be some juicy tidbits there.” I listened politely, but declined. What’s the point of penning a book that only confirms what people think about politics already? Some wonderful things happened to me while I was in Ottawa and I met some terrific MPs and civil servants. But such things were easily outnumbered by the numbing sense of negativity and sheer disrespect. There were enough mistakes to…


Posted on January 17, 2012

If the recently concluded Liberal convention in Ottawa showed anything, it was the pundit’s penchant for predicting the end of the party was as futile as their conclusions of the end of the Conservative party a decade ago or the NDP even a few years previous. It’s a fool’s game, made all the worse by the smug certainty of forecasts that fail to materialize. If they were stockbrokers they’d be broke. I wasn’t in attendance at the convention but have heard repeated reports of just how many young Canadians were present, eager and expectant of change. With such a vital core of youth, memberships continuing to climb, and fundraising becoming more successful, exaggerated claims of demise reveal how removed many in the media have…

Advancing Civilization

Posted on June 13, 2011

It suddenly dawned on me yesterday that I might be getting anachronistic. Once a year I smoke dad’s old pipe as a way of remembering him. Sitting on the porch swing, I recalled the smell of that pipe when I was a boy, listening to him as he expounded on some of his war experiences and why he enlisted in the first place. There were many reasons, but his favourite topic was about what Canada would add to the world. Lester Pearson was his friend, so perhaps he came by it honestly. I say “anachronistic” because it struck me that I may no longer be relevant. Growing up, I understood that my country had more to offer the world than just a successful economy…


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