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Identity – You and We

Posted on February 19, 2013

Communities have their own kind of DNA.  They came together over years of development, experience, leadership, tough times, migration, ups and down of economies, artistic expression, politics and citizenship, to name but a few.  Whether we are born into the place where we now live or moved into it at some point, it has special characteristics that existed long before we came along.  Often, despite its drawbacks, we choose where we live because we like what history has made of our habitat. A person can spend a lifetime in such environs and add little to their overall community.  The needs of survival mean they must take from it; but if they wish their community to progress they must give back.  This is the essence…

Liberalism – Climbing Down

Posted on July 2, 2010

Liberalism comes from the Latin liberalis, meaning “of freedom.”  By the time the Enlightenment propelled the concept of the rule of law over authoritarianism in government, the liberal philosophy began holding sway throughout most of Europe and the United States.  The 19th century saw liberal governments established in nations across Europe, Latin America, and North America.  Things spread at a much more rapid pace in the 20th century, when liberal democracies triumphed in two world wars, in the process surviving challenges from fascism, communism and, yes, conservatism. It was a time of tough sledding for conservatives, for in reality they had benefited greatly from the liberal advance, especially its emphasis on the rights of property and the inherent worth of the individual. When liberal…


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