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Hyper-partisanship – The Steroids of Politics

Posted on January 30, 2013

It’s become all too common and unfortunately has resulted not only in the fall of grace of numerous individuals but a corruption of the overall system. I’m talking about sport here, not politics, but the similarities are more than troubling. It’s baseball today, cycling yesterday, weight lifting before that, preceded by baseball once more, and track and field. The demand for success is so pressing, the corporate ethos regarding profits so overriding, that the professional participant finds it increasingly difficult to excel. When pitcher Curt Shilling noted that, “Steroids is cheating, and winning without honor is not winning,” who could argue? Yet the reality is something completely different and competition has now been poisoned by medical enhancements.  So, to compete at the highest levels,…

“False Options”

Posted on May 1, 2012

Responding to a recent newspaper article I wrote on citizen engagement, one Londoner said in her email: “I’m just growing tired of all the false options being offered to us by politicians and politics at all levels. I once used to believe that governments could work with citizens to find the most practical solutions that would at least leave something for everyone. Not anymore. I now subscribe to the school that believes politics has nothing to do with what really matters.” In that brief observation lies the germ of our current democratic malaise. Having worked from both within and outside of political circles, I can only come to the conclusion that much of what she says is true – and damning. Political parties often…

The New Democracy?

Posted on September 14, 2011

Those who watched the Republican rivals in their leadership debate this week were treated to quite a scene – eight rivals squaring off against one another in hopes of the politics’ ultimate prize. Whatever your political leanings, it was an impressive sight as they spread out across the entire platform. Sadly, it might be a rare occurrence in the new age of Canadian politics. Last May’s federal election introduced citizens to a new kind of political strategy – opting out of debates. It occurred extensively and was practiced primarily by those running for the Conservative party. This isn’t a partisan shot; it was just a reality that was confronting Canadians for the first time. Somehow the Conservatives figured on two growing realities. The first…

Liberalism – Dumbed-down Nation

Posted on August 25, 2010

Speaking to his old Alma Mater, John Kennedy went straight to the heart of liberalism, or rather its mind:  “Liberalism respects man’s most important right: the right to think for himself.  It does not seek to control his mind but leaves him free to use his rational faculties to the best of his ability.”  Applied liberalism means free minds.  Kennedy was a pretty smart guy, but he understood that even a free mind could be curtailed by stupidity, and, sad to say, modern liberalism can be crucified by it. Seriously, there aren’t many Canadians who believe climate change is a joke, but despite all we know and see in changing weather patterns and environmental decay, we continue to act as though we aren’t sure. …