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No Time For Easy Tears

Posted on January 9, 2018

My wife and I leave in a few days to lead a humanitarian team into South Sudan (  A trek we make every year at this time, this coming visit is occurring during a time of dramatic challenge in South Sudan specifically, and Africa in general. In various African nations, youth are increasingly coming onside for democracy.  Foreign Policy magazine cites examples from numerous nations where younger generations are making their desire for a better life a premise for change. “Their optimism has been buoyed in part by the rise of an aggressively independent media, the maturing of institutions such as the judiciary, and by the explosion of nongovernmental organizations fighting to hold governments accountable despite increasingly restrictive conditions … Never in Africa’s independent…

Heather Stewart – A Humanitarian Hero’s Last Flight

Posted on December 28, 2017

News of her death brought sorrow flowing through our home. Heather Stewart, a frontier pilot in a field dominated almost exclusively by male counterparts, lived one of those remarkable lives that only a place like Africa could produce. It was repeatedly like something from the movies. In a land so vast, barren and dangerous, she journeyed, lingered, and faced mortality head-on for the sake of the seemingly hopeless southern Sudanese situation and the non-governmental agencies seeking to help. Jane and I were on many of those journeys and returned from that remarkable land with tales of the valiant woman’s exploits. She was nicknamed “All Weather Heather” for her willingness to lift off when other pilots remained sensibly and safely on the ground. But in…

Situation Report

Posted on March 24, 2010

In an earlier post we referred to the reality that at some point more critical analysis will eventually emerge concerning the emergency and development response to the Haitian earthquake. It now appears that some key insights are beginning to roll in. But before we get into it here, we must all acknowledge that there is no way to get such huge catastrophes and the commensurate humanitarian reaction 100% right. We learn better responses as we progress from crisis to crisis, and the Haitian emergency will be no different. The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) published one of its key situation reports in March and the observations are instructive. In and around the Cap-Haitian municipality, the most current assessment discovered…