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The Secret Nook – Chapter 21 (William and Mary)

Posted on October 31, 2018

It was somewhat as she had recalled, but a number of things were different.  New buildings had sprung up that still couldn’t compete with the historic beauty of William and Mary’s traditional structures.  Meadow located a parking spot, paid for a ticket from an automatic dispenser, and then locked the truck.  Les had been more than understanding when she had returned with news of all that had transpired in the western part of the state. “You’ll be needing some more time off,” he began, “and the truck is yours for as long as you need it.” In truth, he had agonized over the years about Meadow’s lack of opportunity.  He knew of her gift but had no idea how to prompt her in that direction. Now…

The Secret Nook – Chapter 19 (The Great Discovery)

Posted on October 26, 2018

  WILLIAM & MARY CHARTERED 1693     Meadow Hartley 31 Elm Ave. Clifton Forge, VA 24422 Ms. Hartley:   As the Dean of Admissions, it is a pleasure to inform you that a registered pre-paid admission plan has now been finalized and fully funded for the College of William and Mary’s Arts Degree program through the generosity of your parents, Jonathon and Shirley Hartley. As a pre-registrant, you are entitled to enroll in our college at any time of your choosing, providing sufficient notice is provided and that your previous education marks and conduct fulfill the high standards that the College of William and Mary has held to since its inception. Presently, you are slotted for the Art and Art History program, with…

The Secret Nook – Chapter 17 (Revelation)

Posted on October 23, 2018

They chose to lunch in town at a diner near the Inn, but the mood was sombre – its source being the sense of inability to move on just when she had arrived at the place in her life when she desired to head off in a new direction. “Well, there is one thing I gained that never would have happened if I hadn’t climbed into the Ford and driven here.” “And that is?” “Me,” she interjected with an attempt at a smile.  “I saw what I would become – or couldbecome if the fates were different.” He sipped his coffee, obviously thinking over what she had just said.  “I didn’t know you believed in fate.  When you were in my class all those…

The Secret Nook – Chapter 13 (The Older Self)

Posted on October 13, 2018

She didn’t know how long she wept, only that she had been inconsolable.  Meadow had taken what she regarded as a sacred writing to her bed, holding it close as a mother would her needy child.  Her eyes were dry and sore, her pillow wet from regret. It was clear now that Koay had understood far more than she had intuited, perhaps to a degree greater than what she knew of herself.  The painting had fascinated her – so young, so old.  Somehow, he had drawn a perfect composite of two Meadows.  The youthfulness of it held out hope and imagination.  But the sadness in the gaze overpowered everything else, and she couldn’t escape it. It held her fixed and, again, hopeless. It was only…

The Secret Nook – Chapter 12 (The Portrait)

Posted on October 12, 2018

Duyi Koay had been busy. It took only a couple of calls to learn that his former prodigy was housed at the Red Lantern Inn, the proprietor of which was a former student of his.  He had arrived at the Inn with a package wrapped in white rice paper almost at the same time as Meadow walked in through the front door.  They looked at one another, seemingly frozen in time and emotion. With effort he held up the package in his arms and pointed it towards her.  She remained in place, fighting to hold back the tears that she knew would eventually come – just not now. If Koay was hoping for better, he didn’t show it.  He placed the white package on a house…

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