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Hope In An Age of Shadows

Posted on June 1, 2017

So often it feels as though we are losing the battle to better humanity across most fronts. The unpredictable nature of modern life has meant that we far more quickly hear negative stories of our future than positive ones. At times we don’t hear of any hopeful news on the global scale for weeks at a time. A number of months ago we talked about how significant strides have been made globally to assist those in the direst of poverty. Now from the World Health Organization (WHO) we learn of some significant advances being made in the realm of health. In its annual World Health Statistics report (available here) we learn the following: The global under-5 mortality rate declined by 44% since 2000. Since…

Identity – If You Eat, You’re In

Posted on February 11, 2013

Common vernacular says we are “what” we eat. There’s truth in that, but it’s actually how we organize ourselves in the pursuit of food, which all of us require, that can surely set us apart as a community with a unique identity. This isn’t about supporting your local food bank. Instead, it’s about how we’ve permitted our collective identity to be decided for us by a modern food system that is inefficient, dangerous to our health, expensive, and ultimately alienating. How we change that paradigm as a community will largely determine who we are as a people. For if we are citizens blithely transporting ourselves to food stores on the periphery of our city, buying the same products, looking at the endless array of…

Yes He Can; No We Won’t

Posted on April 6, 2010

Unlike Canada, our counterparts in the United States have known of the liabilities of their health system for years.  Like Social Security, the “third rail” of American politics, healthcare stymied everyone and anyone who dared touch it to bring about reform.  Political careers were lost over attempts to expand public healthcare at the state and federal levels. Until Obama came along. His was a transformational presidency, at least in intent.  Following a difficult first year, he and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi conspired to break out of the democratic malaise and go for the gold ring.  Their success, though mixed, is a clear sign that our neighbour is going through a revolution some have likened to the civil rights legislative triumphs of the 1960s. Canadians…


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