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Some Wicked This Way Comes

Posted on September 27, 2018

Economist Jim Rickards was one of the very few who predicted 2008’s Great Recession and no one really listened.  Now he’s at it again, claiming that the financial leaders haven’t learned from that last great debacle and that something far worse is now coming.  On this occasion, however, he has some powerful support.  Warren Buffett, George Soros, the Economist, Financial Times, and even the Nasdaq’s own in-house publication have agreed and warned it is time to prepare.  It’s a bit enervating to hear them talk since they view it as the next bump in the road of capitalism’s wild ride, while in reality it will leave millions of families devastated.  We should be listening. This delicate balance between capitalism and democracy turned out to…

A Decade of Doubt

Posted on September 21, 2018

Confusion.  Confusion everywhere.  Confusion in the House itself and in Question Period.  Confusion in caucus meetings.  Confusion in the various committees.  Confusion at events.  Confusion when socializing with other MPs.  Confusion in calls home to spouses and children.  Confusion from the top leadership levels to the lowliest backbencher. Confusion among economists. Confusion among bureaucrats. Confusion in the media and among citizens.  Again, confusion everywhere. A decade ago I was sitting in Parliament – one of slightly over 300 MPs trying to figure out what just hit us.  Had the American stock market crashed?  Was Wall Street doing anything?  What about Canadian securities?  Is this going global or confined to America? It didn’t take long to understand that the Great Recession of 2008 was upon us and, like…

The Big Winner in American Politics? Memory

Posted on March 31, 2016

A YEAR AGO, HARDLY ANYONE GAVE DONALD TRUMP A CHANCE. And Bernie Sanders? Wasn’t he that old guy destined to be steamrolled by the Hillary Clinton’s finely tuned and well-funded machine? Now, with less than a year before the big election it turns out that these two leaders have turned American politics on its head. Not only have they agitated both the Republican and Democratic parties into states of profound introspection, between the two of them Sanders and Trump have recruited millions of new voters. How come nobody saw this coming? Pollsters, pundits, and personalities missed by a wide margin all that we are watching right now on our television screens. It’s becoming more apparent that the great dysfunction in American politics is being…