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“Smashing Time” – Community Engagement Podcast (23)

Posted on August 6, 2013

Political policies in the modern era have turned pitting the different generations – Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y – against one another.  At the community level this can have devastating effects, as many cities watch their younger creative classes exiting for opportunities better acquired elsewhere.  It’s time to obliterate the generational barriers that limit our abilities, split our families, and ultimately keep our communities under-performing.  I work in sectors where the generations cooperate together to make significant differences. Just click on the audio button below to listen to the five-minute podcast.

Generations (16)

Posted on July 23, 2013

If the future of our cities is in our youth, then what is the future of youth?  It’s a simple question that carries profound implications for our communities if we don’t get that answer right.  Some communities in North America have been working hard at creating diverse and welcoming initiatives designed to attract and retain those creative classes of young people who could spell the solution to the invigoration of the places we live. Just click the audio button below to listen to the five-minute podcast.

“Long in the Tooth” – Community Engagement Podcast (14)

Posted on July 19, 2013

It sounds counterintuitive, but our governments are banking on decline.  Running low on resources, they inwardly know the future will be something less than what Canadians would have hoped for.  The Baby Boomers, flush with the policy privileges supported and financed by their parents following World War Two, now want to maintain those same benefits while at the same time sapping the resources of government.  The gig is up, as Boomers now are coming to terms with the reality that their kids and grandkids will likely never enjoy the benefits they possessed. Just click on the audio player below to listen to the five-minute podcast.

Smashing Time

Posted on June 8, 2012

An American research project, called the Casey Carlson & Deloitte & Touche Study, spent some time analyzing the attitudes of three generations – Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y – especially as they related to the work place. They determined that the “clash of generations” that many worry about is more about cultural differences than anything else. Left unaddressed, especially in difficult economic times, they could lead to significant divisions. The study found the three generations had more in common than they had differences, but that their diverse points of view must be addressed in productive settings if they are to be worked out. The study gives some examples of answers from people from the three generations to a certain set of questions. Perusing them,…

Bar Code Generation

Posted on June 6, 2012

Face it.  All this talk about citizen engagement presumes there is one relationship that really matters – that between citizens and their political representatives. Great effort is put into cobbling enough citizens together to make the political process take note. It all becomes a convenient exercise because it rests on the premise that politicians aren’t listening when citizens are speaking – politicians “bad,” citizens “good.” But there’s more to it. At its essence, citizenship involves a sense of solidarity, a reciprocity between citizens meant to infuse the democratic exercise with a sense of urgency and purpose. They must view themselves as partners in an enterprise far greater than themselves, and which entails costs as well as benefits. While it’s common to bemoan the rotting…

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