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The Secret Nook – Chapter 20 (Free at Last)

Posted on October 28, 2018

The paper shook in Meadow’s trembling hands.  Kept inside an envelope, it looked as though it had been printed up just yesterday.  She read it once more, disbelieving. Eventually, she handed it over to Koay, who read it and then stared up in wonder. “Still think all this is merely fate?” She shook her head from side to side but dared not speak anything lest she lose control of her emotions. He perused it once more and handed it back.  “What is the second piece?” Meadow had forgotten it in the shock of the moment but now opened its page up as well.   Honey, So, here you go.  Soon you’ll be done high school and you’ll be on your way to a remarkable life in…

800 Years and We’re Still At It

Posted on June 16, 2015

“2015 is the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta, the single most important legal document in history.  The foundation for global constitutions, commerce and communities.  The anchor for the Rule of Law.” … RT. Hon. Fiona Woolfe C.B.E. WAIT, DON’T MOVE ON JUST YET, because what this means is that we are who we are because the Magna Carta is what it is. Yes, the language is a bit formal and, yes, eight centuries seem a long time ago. But the signing of this vital document at Runnymede in England served as a shot across the bow of all those seeking to hold onto power for its own sake. All those great movements and documents that came later – revolutions, constitutions, declarations of independence,…

Mandela’s Legacy and Politics

Posted on December 10, 2013

WITH NELSON MANDELA’S PRESENCE NOW GONE from among us, questions continue to linger about his abiding influence.  Some of it is easy to figure.  As a person of moral stature, it is likely that no one from this present generation will stand as such a colossus of meaning and integrity.  As a family man, his life was mixed – as one would expect from someone so fully dedicated to a cause of freedom and having to spend almost 30 years in prison as a result of that commitment.  As a leader for human rights, his practices were varied, but the ultimate outcomes of his efforts are now beyond dispute.  And as a human being, he has ascended to that rarified realm occupied by people…