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Do You Hear the People Sing?

Posted on May 15, 2014

FOR THOSE POLITICAL AND FINANCIAL LEADERS who don’t necessarily like hearing that the status quo is under deep suspicion by citizens, communities, and groups worldwide, here are a couple of other headaches for you. Your problems are growing. Universities have always been seedbeds of reform and activism, but many will be surprised to learn that on campuses across Europe, in Tel Aviv, and New York, students of economics have gained ground in raising their opposition to their peers and mentors who feel that their field is a science and that there is little can be done. Not so, says the International Student Initiative for Pluralism in Economics – a fancy name but with a gutsy mandate. We want to ultimately create a space in which…

The Real Economy Chooses Reform Over Resentment

Posted on October 24, 2011

In America, things perhaps reached the boiling point in March 2009. That was when the Obama administration bailed out AIG with over $150 billion and the company then proceeded to award its top executives with $165 million in retention bonuses and treated them to a $440,000 spa retreat at the prestigious St. Regis resort. Citizens, who were losing their jobs in record numbers and watching their life savings reduced to nothing, were so angered that a number of them traveled by bus to the estates of the AIG executives to speak their minds – kind of like the present Occupy Wall Street movement. The executives were forced to hire private security guards to protect themselves. Politically the resentments of that crucial time manifested themselves…


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