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More Than DNA

Posted on June 15, 2014

“THE HEART OF A FATHER IS THE MASTERPIECE OF NATURE.” Really? Antoine Francois wrote that a long time ago, but I sense I have fallen far short of that kind of nobility of soul. Because fathers never stop learning, it is almost impossible to arrive at anything near a “masterpiece”. Fatherhood itself is a series of rites of passage – births, first days of school, graduation, marriages, grandkids – which, no matter how many times they are experienced, leaves one with the feeling that we never get it quite right. Most people are cursed with the idea that if only they could acquire something externally that they would be better people. Extra money, a better job, more patience or kindness, a sense of purpose –…

What Can I Possibly Say To This?

Posted on June 17, 2012

I just received this note a few minutes ago from my son, Ater, for Father’s Day and I wept. To be loved like this is life’s great honour. I can only pray that God will help him through those dark days when I am gone. I am so blessed. I love you, Dad. You were always there for me when times were tough. When I had no father, you became mine, and I’m glad you’re the father that I never really had. It’s like I was falling but you were like a pad – you saved my life. Sometimes I get mad, but I will always love you. I remember the first time that I called you “Dad.” We were going to Newfoundland and…

Not Dead … Not Yet (A Father’s Day Reflection)

Posted on June 19, 2010

My father’s friendship with Lester Pearson was reflective in nature, and sporadic.  A relationship that began in the Second World War ebbed and flowed over the ensuing years, yet was remarkable for its tenacity.  Being young during most of his visits to Calgary, I sadly can only recall some faint whispers of the conversations that were as entrancing as they were difficult to fully comprehend.  It was never politics they discussed but diplomacy.  Lester Pearson tired easily of the political shenanigans in Ottawa and found in my father someone, not of equal mind, but of a shared sentiment for Canada’s emerging greatness in an increasingly polarized world.  Looking back on it, I don’t think Dad was ever in Lester’s league, but in reality they…


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