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The Third Place (Chapter 22) – Epilogue

Posted on August 26, 2018

When the story of the Third Place is fully told, it will be what happened in the first twelve months with the Sky Reach collaboration that will be best remembered. The success of the effort was strong enough as to be almost overwhelming.  The community took to the initiative as though they had been waiting for it for years, which I suppose in many ways they had.  The past decade of lost opportunity and sense of hopelessness were quickly being replaced by a firm hope that our city was on its way back. It was shortly after the deal had been struck with Sky Reach that Mrs. Dawson, Finn’s grandmother, died.  It was a sad time for us all.  Though her visits had become increasingly…

The Third Place (Chapter 20) – Days of Defiance

Posted on August 24, 2018

When they descended the stairs in the morning, Dad and Mom were shocked to spot us seated at the same table Dad had left us at the night before.  We hadn’t slept, and other than an hour-long walk, arrived back at the same table and had come to a number of decisions. Mom poured coffee for the two of them and seated herself with a look of inquisitiveness written across her entire countenance.  She looked at Dad, back at us, and finally confessed, “I have no idea what’s going on here.  You two look like you could use some sleep.” We were surprised to learn that Dad hadn’t spoken to Mom of our talk only a few hours previous. “She was asleep by the…

The Third Place (Chapter 19) – Interlude

Posted on August 23, 2018

Signs that something momentous was happening took time to develop.  Aakriti Chandra stayed for the rest of that day with us before flying back to San Diego.  She was different in those last few hours, we could tell, yet had little more to say, other than the odd question for Dad and Mom about the Third Place’s operations.  A portion of her inquisitiveness in that regard was reserved for Finn.  It had become clear to her that he had grasped all aspects of the business and that his knowledge of technology and obvious connection with the younger generations provided him with vital insights into the future.  And that was something she was determined to be part of. Things with Finn and I were at…

The Third Place (Chapter 16) – A Deeper Acceptance

Posted on August 19, 2018

The national attention brought to the Third Place by the Home Comfort feature was obviously good for business, especially after such a positive review, but its popularity was already great regardless. Still, we accommodated the heavier crowds as best we could. Yet something had altered in how people saw the establishment.  The novelty of gaining national and international attention at a time when our mid-sized city was down on its luck provided the community a boost, a sense of hope despite the difficult economic times.  Even local media picked up on the notoriety, with some even requesting Dad to do an interview.  As usual, he turned down most of these requests and chose to concentrate instead on working with his customers. For years, younger generations had…

The Third Place (Chapter 15) – Insight

Posted on August 18, 2018

Finn and I were at Stacey’s – a trendy bar a few blocks from the restaurant – when Daisy hustled in and placed the HomeComfortmagazine directly in front of us.  There on the glossy cover were the four of us – Mom, Dad, Daisy and me – seated on the side porch swing and obviously comfortable. Daisy sat down beside me so we could look at it together. Alessandra’s photo had captured everything, and perfectly.  The trees, foliage and brook behind us were very slightly blurred, leaving our faces to stand out.  Everything was rich in colour and we remembered Alessandra telling us all about the “golden hour” and how more photos and videos had been taken in that period than any other hour of…

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