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Christmas and Trust

Posted on December 14, 2018

Living in a more jaded world, where things no longer feel as secure and where the news feels predominately negative, has magnified the loss of trust in our generation.  We see institutions as failing us.  Relationships lie in ruins.  People become undependable.  It leads many to agree with researchers who say that trust is a dying commodity. Except that it’s not. Humanity is still capable of great trust and faith; it’s just that such things become lost in the din of dysfunction. We still count on friends, trust our workmates to get the job done and believe most of those around us will remain with us when tough times descend.  And that goes for our faith in institutions as well.  We count on our banks or credit unions to safely keep and…

The Secret Nook – Chapter 11 (Under the Sun)

Posted on October 10, 2018

Perhaps “lost” wasn’t the right word.  More than anything, she felt hopeless.  On a whim based on a recurring dream, Meadow had taken time off from work, borrowed her boss’s truck, driven back into her childhood, and ended up in a place that seemed to have no open doors. Lying in her bed and waiting for the sun’s morning rays to warm her, she thought of just how much her life had followed this pattern.  She had wanted to go back to college and take business courses, but didn’t have the money. Two failed romantic relationships had done little to build her confidence.  She had buried her talent.  And now she had returned back home in an effort to uncover some secret from her past…

Smoke Signals

Posted on March 14, 2013

Long before the white smoke emerged from the small chimney in Rome the Roman Catholic church was already suffering from a thousand cuts. The occasion of papal succession served as a global lightning rod for the church’s many sins and its army of critics. And who can deny the troubling revelations that made their way into the public discourse over recent decades? Nobody seeking the truth of humanity and history, God-fearing or not, desires to gloss over the findings or put such failures back in the box. Yet I observed in mild alarm as contributors to both social and mainstream media alike took to trouncing the Roman Catholic church beyond all reasoning or charity. To the church’s sin were now added the iniquities of…

My Own Stargate

Posted on August 24, 2012

O the things I’ve learned in the last three days! My last post spoke of my loss of a few pints of blood and the hemoglobin crisis in brought on for our family. Well, I was released from hospital today and we now know so much more, thanks to a remarkable health system. It comes down to this. Through an internal scope it was discovered that I have a smaller ball-sized tumour in my stomach. It might have been there a long time and I just never knew. Suddenly it began to emit blood and my crisis began. Someone took a picture of it and it’s HUGE – everyone was surprised. A biopsy was required and we will know next Wednesday if it is…

On Blood and Belonging

Posted on August 21, 2012

It started out well enough. Jane and I had just finished sending my new book about London, Ontario to be shipped and we thought we’d go out to dinner to celebrate. Titled A Place for Us, the pages are also illustrated with Jane’s drawings. The next thing we knew I had collapsed outside, after losing three pints of blood through internal bleeding. Everything suddenly changed remarkably all around us. Shocked by the development, I learned that I had a stomach disease that would be permanent – if I got through the weekend, that is.  My kids looked on in shock; Jane was everywhere in her own remarkable way; and I had a doctor, David Barr, who has proved inspiring. It’s funny how life can…

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