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Revolution or Evolution: The Only Two Choices Left

Posted on September 11, 2018

We have reached the stage where we actually have no idea of what is going to happen.  Here’s a list of questions to get us in the mood for a more serious kind of discussion.  Some are cheeky, but they need to be asked regardless. Is free trade ever going to be as great as past leaders and economists told us it would be? Will the Trump Doctrine, or lack of it, blow up the rest of the world? Can Canada keep its delicate federalism in place when the inevitable threats of separation arise? Will good paying jobs ever come back? Do the terms “post-democracy” or “post-capitalist” mean that both of those systems are about to be relegated to the history books? Are citizens…

A Neat Symbol of Ingestion

Posted on February 27, 2018

The contrast was stark – and telling. En route back to Canada following a trip to South Sudan, our team was on a layover at Frankfurt. Eager for news – any news – I purchased a Time magazine, poring over its pages to see if anything significant had transpired while we were disconnected from the broader world. And there they were, two adjacent stories which together spelled out so much of what is going wrong and right with the modern world. Molly Ball’s compelling narrative concerning President Trump’s visit to Davos for the annual Global Economic Forum revealed just how much has changed in the past year. Most present had grown more at ease regarding Trump’s influence. One year ago, they were collectively on…

“Do the Reverse”

Posted on February 4, 2016

WE MET IN A COZY TORONTO CHINESE RESTAURANT along with Scarborough MP John McKay. Muhammad Yunus had won the Noble Peace Prize a couple of years earlier and he had come to Canada to sell the merits of his Grameen Bank – a microcredit organization that has assisted 140 million of the world’s poorest people to start their own businesses. His demeanour was gentle, his wit disarming, but one could easily see he was totally committed to helping the world’s marginalized. Yet he worried as to the direction the financial world was taking. We talked about his home nation of Bangladesh as well as South Sudan, where my wife and I were running a non-governmental organization. I could tell at once that his wisdom…

The Tyranny of the Minority

Posted on September 29, 2010

We need to spend some time considering the privatization of the public space in this country and what it will mean to our children and to us. Privatization is an ideology premised on the notion that we can take care of ourselves. It’s neither new nor novel, but for the first time in some sixty years it has become predominant. This has nothing to do with the regional tensions that have always challenged our unity as a nation, but rather the new dynamic of citizens saying they want one thing, while as consumers they want another. It has sadly created a form of national schizophrenia that effectively pits us against one another, putting us at odds with the hopes we have for this country.…

Liberalism – The Retreat of the Elites

Posted on July 23, 2010

David Cameron from Britain gave his “Big Society” speech this week, in which he concluded, “Of course there is not one lever you can simply pull to create a big society.  We should not be naïve enough to think that simply if government rolls back and does less, then miraculously society will spring up and do more.  The truth is we need a government that helps to build a big society.” What the British PM described was liberalism.  As a leader of the Conservative Party that’s quite a mouthful, which became even more profound when he stated he was seeking a more “liberal” nation.  There’s hope in such language because he takes the best from all parties – at least for now. But what…


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