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Poverty’s Great Unknown (2) – Hiding in Plain Sight

Posted on February 20, 2015

IN HER BOOK ALPHABET OF THORN, author Patricia McKillip has one of her chief characters ask another: “Do you become invisible?” In reply, the other character says, “No. I’m there, if you know how to look. I stand between the place you look at and the place you see – behind what you expect to see. If you expect to see me, you do.” This is the way it is with modern poverty; people suffer their deprivations in private, yet they are seen everywhere in every community. They are us, but we don’t really see them. In Canada, we most often can’t be bothered to look for poverty in our midst, but if we truly wanted to, we could spot it – everywhere. In yesterday’s…

Thoughts on Citizen Engagement (31)

Posted on August 16, 2013

Political dysfunction has resulted in numerous efforts at citizen engagement across the board.  Yet a sincere questions remains: are citizens mature enough to handle that responsibility?  The answer to that seems fairly clear when about half the citizenry doesn’t even vote.  We are in an evolutionary phase in the democratic experience – a time when people who no longer trust their elected representatives don’t feel the need to fill in that vacuum with their own efforts.  Change is happening, but citizens are not there yet. Just click on the audio button below to listen to the five-minute podcast.


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