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Brain Breaking

Posted on November 6, 2014

THERE WERE LOTS OF THINGS TO BE WORRIED ABOUT regarding this week’s mid-term election south of the border. In many ways it didn’t matter which party won what because we have seen this film before and the ultimate losers are citizens themselves. The partisan squabbles will only be magnified and the run-up to the next presidential election will be painful to watch. Perhaps the most sinister portent of all wasn’t about who prevailed but who didn’t show up. Only 38% of voters filled out their ballots, reminding us yet again that politics continues on at the same time as democracy is in danger of dying. But it’s not merely about the political class and how they just seem bent towards destroying one another; it…

How Politics Changes Us (3)

Posted on September 5, 2012

It set us back for a minute. The email message had come in from someone in the riding that I used to represent as an MP and who was a member of another political party. The words were harsh, claiming that I had blogged about my health difficulties because I was merely playing for sympathy for when I ran to be MP again. We were stunned. I know the man, though not well. He’s a good citizen and caring family man. He would have understood the difficulties we were facing, but that didn’t matter. What was vital was that he get to me in a vulnerable moment. It wasn’t the devil that made him do it; it was politics. This is the portion of…

We Found Love In A Hopeless Place

Posted on March 7, 2012

Jane and I weren’t prepared for the sheer number of well wishes pouring in through various venues yesterday regarding my blog announcement that I wouldn’t be running again for politics at any level. To the hundreds of you – thank you. I do feel ennobled by my stint in Parliament. Viewed as an MP that could work well with all members, I was fortunate enough to observe politicians of all stripes attempting to be functional under a thick and stubborn layer of designed partisanship. Ultimately, we never usually succeeded. It’s important for those who read the post yesterday to appreciate that I am still a Liberal and that it was actually that affiliation that permitted me to act outside the normal box of Parliament.…

A Brass Trumpet and a Tin Ear

Posted on November 14, 2011

It’s likely clear by now that endless rounds of attempting to reform political institutions will not heal our political culture until we begin to pay attention once again to democracy as a human enterprise. If we can’t heal and restore the human component of politics, we’ll never come close to healing democracy itself. Obscured by the war games of larger political manipulations is another kind of political life that is emerging at the community level. While we cast about frantically for how we might restore or heal democracy, it is at the local or human level where we must begin. While media maintains its painful focus at the national or political levels, in our communities are occurring thousands and thousands of small but patient…