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“The Secret Nook – Chapter 16 (Defeated)”

Posted on October 21, 2018

Meadow had agreed to remain overnight on the studio couch, so that, if the urge struck her, all the tools for painting were within easy reach.  To her surprise, she woke up the next morning to the aroma of bacon and eggs and the appealing smell of coffee.  Her watch said it was almost eight o’clock – she had slept for ten straight hours without waking.  She knew she likely needed it because of how drained her emotions were the previous day. The question now was: what should she do?  Meadow knew that Les would give her the time she needed away from the restaurant; that wasn’t a problem.  But the door that had opened in her soul the previous day didn’t come with…

The Secret Nook – Chapter 11 (Under the Sun)

Posted on October 10, 2018

Perhaps “lost” wasn’t the right word.  More than anything, she felt hopeless.  On a whim based on a recurring dream, Meadow had taken time off from work, borrowed her boss’s truck, driven back into her childhood, and ended up in a place that seemed to have no open doors. Lying in her bed and waiting for the sun’s morning rays to warm her, she thought of just how much her life had followed this pattern.  She had wanted to go back to college and take business courses, but didn’t have the money. Two failed romantic relationships had done little to build her confidence.  She had buried her talent.  And now she had returned back home in an effort to uncover some secret from her past…

Cities are Rebuilding Faith in Government

Posted on May 12, 2016

IT HAS BECOME A PERSISTENT NARRATIVE, especially during the American primary season south of the border – politics is broken. There will be those who argue the opposite, but in the minds of most citizens north or south of the 49th parallel something has gone wrong in our politics and we feel it for a certainty. Yes, a cruel partisanship has gripped the political class for years. Yes, our deeper problems remain insufficiently addressed as an uncertain future moves into our collective life. But perhaps the greatest cause of the present disillusionment has been the growing distance citizens have experienced from the kind of society they would seek for themselves and their children. Maybe that’s changing. While America fights through its own political wars…

Democratic Recession

Posted on February 24, 2015

  WHEN THOMAS FRIEDMAN OF THE NEW YORK TIMES recently drew attention to the 2006-2014 Freedom House finding that democracy is declining worldwide, it likely not to many were surprised. Places like Turkey, Russia, along with various countries in Africa and Asia, appear to have lost the handle on democratic progress that they possessed a mere decade ago. But when the report circled back on the affluent West, it didn’t mince its words: “Perhaps the most worrisome dimension of the democratic failure has been the decline of democratic efficiency, energy and self-confidence in the West at large. After years of hyperpolarization, deadlock, and corruption through campaign financing … things have become increasingly dysfunctional.” No surprise here either. An economic recession is often described as a…