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Trust vs Trustworthy

Posted on November 15, 2017

She possesses a unique file that includes the disciplines of philosopher, politician, policy maker, author and public figure willing to challenge the preconceptions of the day. A powerful woman thinker in her native Britain, Baronness Onora O’Neill was recently awarded a $1 million prize for lifetime achievement in the fields of philosophy and public service. Intriguingly, O’Neill refuses to jump on whatever is fashionable at the moment, opting to discover those deeper traits that she believes are the only things that can save humanity from its ongoing fascination with itself. No doubt it emanates from the woman’s remarkable diverse background – former principal of Newnham College, Cambridge, and was chairperson of the Equality and Human Rights Commission and prolific author on matters of justice,…

The Big Winner in American Politics? Memory

Posted on March 31, 2016

A YEAR AGO, HARDLY ANYONE GAVE DONALD TRUMP A CHANCE. And Bernie Sanders? Wasn’t he that old guy destined to be steamrolled by the Hillary Clinton’s finely tuned and well-funded machine? Now, with less than a year before the big election it turns out that these two leaders have turned American politics on its head. Not only have they agitated both the Republican and Democratic parties into states of profound introspection, between the two of them Sanders and Trump have recruited millions of new voters. How come nobody saw this coming? Pollsters, pundits, and personalities missed by a wide margin all that we are watching right now on our television screens. It’s becoming more apparent that the great dysfunction in American politics is being…

“Terrible Simplifiers”

Posted on February 2, 2016

OVER THE LAST NUMBER OF MONTHS I have been asked when I’m going to compose some blog posts on the phenomenon that is Donald Trump. It would be easy to accomplish, but I hesitate about writing about someone who might not know the difference between hummus and Hamas. We have all underestimated his appeal to the disenchanted, but as his loss in Iowa revealed last evening, he may be more of a polarizing rather than a populist figure. Donald Trump, along with numerous other seekers of power, forms the embodiment of what Swiss historian Jacob Burckhardt called the “terrible simplifiers” – demagogues who seek power and fame by manipulating and exploiting the frustrations of those disenchanted with politics and politicians altogether. To be sure,…

Mistaking Truth For Disenchantment

Posted on May 16, 2012

Unlike other countries, including Canada, President Obama has been searching for ways to empower those under 35 years of age. There are solutions, he is being advised, but the problem is that older Americans vote against any relief measures. The numbers tell the tale. The rise in wealth for older Americans increased by 42% in the last 25 years, while the drop in wealth for younger Americans fell 68%. That’s close to the bottom falling out. The story only gets more troubling when anyone desiring to make a change discovers that the government spends $2.4 on the elderly for every $1 spent on a child. Somehow the system has become inverted, with wealth accruing to those soon to pass off the scene instead of…