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Can Conscience Save Politics

Posted on May 12, 2015

THIS TILE OF THIS POST ISN’T MERELY A RHETORICAL QUESTION.  If it were, then hope is gone. Vaclav Havel protested against dysfunctional politics for a long time before he eventually became the peoples’ choice as president of Czechoslovakia in 1989. As a playwright and a philosopher prior to his political ascendancy, he asked a penetrating question: “Are we implicit n the system that enslaves us, or are we what we always wanted to believe of ourselves?” Though on the surface it seems that the average citizen believes conscience and politics have become mutually exclusive, it seems more likely that they hold on to the faint hope that in some way, or somehow, the political influence in our country can still bring us back to a…

Will Canadian Politics Have A Breakthrough?

Posted on April 23, 2013

Does politics really matter anymore?  The greatest challenges facing our generation are getting short shrift from the major parties as they continue to tinker around the edges and continually seek out that “sweet spot” that will hopefully launch them into power.  The rise of Justin Trudeau to the Liberal leadership has caused a stir, in part because he is viewed as a new leader for a new era.  Trouble is, we still have old problems, and should the new Liberal leader propose incremental policies on files such as climate change or poverty, then he will have wasted his opportunity to take our country in a new direction.  People always say we require bold policies if we are to embrace change, but we yet await…

Riot Time

Posted on November 25, 2011

Success for any community often depends on the difference between vocabulary and language. Articulating the current challenges faced by all regions across the country means communicating in ways that energize citizens to get involved. That’s what politics is supposed to be doing, but instead it seeks to provoke us through vocabulary – the careful selection of words and concepts that might prove useful to a particular agenda but which in the end cheapens the very language we need to overcome our problems. George Orwell took this a bit further when he wrote, “Political chaos is connected with the decay of language … one can probably bring about some kind of improvement by starting at the verbal end.”  Indeed. A real threat in our communities…


Posted on October 7, 2010

It was kind of bizarre.  Conservative Michael Chong finally got his Private Member’s Bill to the floor of the House of Commons, but we remained unsure as to its welfare until the vote was concluded.  It was a sincere attempt by a sincere Conservative to introduce the subject of reforming Question Period – the most shameful 45 minutes in any Parliamentary day.  His ideas for change and progress were sound, and when it finally passed at the end of the evening, there was hope that perhaps we might turn a corner. Michael had initially phoned me a few months ago, on a Sunday afternoon, while I was jumping on the trampoline with the kids.  When he informed me of his proposal, it dawned on…


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