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Life Among the Stones – Stages of Decline (Chapter 8)

Posted on January 13, 2019

It was a premonition that proved true.  She came to learn this as she sat in Elizabeth Fairborough’s office a week following the Trout Point incident.  Alberta had undergone a series of tests at her physician’s request, and now looked at her friend as she delivered the results. “For a woman of 81, you are in remarkably good health, Bertie, but the brain is another matter. Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease. Over a period of many years, symptoms will slowly become more severe, and a person’s overall condition will worsen. Each person experiences a different progression of symptoms over a different stretch of time, though many will experience slow-moving Alzheimer’s that takes years to progress. For some, it may seem that symptoms are progressing rapidly, and that’s…

Life Among the Stones – Routine (Chapter 2)

Posted on January 3, 2019

The incident shook her for the remainder of the week, even when things back at the office went on as normal.  Alberta had held the position of copy editor ofSocietymagazine for the past ten years, and there wasn’t any time in that period when she didn’t love the job in every way imaginable.  Despite the time pressures, the unthinking demands of her superiors, and the ups and downs of market sales, she took it all in stride, becoming one of the most dependable workers at the magazine.  Her task was to inspire her writers, artists and layout technicians to dig beneath the surface of modern life and unfold the pressures and accomplishments of average people.  A shrewd judge of the basic decency of the average citizen, she had…