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Padlocking the Revolving Door

Posted on August 30, 2018

A couple of days ago, in a National Newswatch piece, I broached a sincere question: Can we actually afford the kind of capitalism we have at present?  There were lots of interesting responses, usually focusing on America as the epi-centre of economic dysfunction. So, it was surprising to read Franklin Foer’s column in the Atlantic yesterday talking about Senator Elizabeth Warren’s take on modern capitalism.  We’ve covered the feisty American senator (Ted Kennedy’s replacement) in previous posts, but with her courageous willingness to talk about the global financial order and its devastating affects worldwide, Warren is merely voicing what millions are thinking. She begins by acknowledging that her Democratic party’s recent flirtation with socialism is infusing a new generation of voters into the process, and…

The Mayor for PM?

Posted on March 20, 2014

THERE WAS A FASCINATING SPECIAL SECTION in the Globe and Mail this past week asking why it is that cities – those places where some 80% of Canadians live – fall so far down the political pecking order and wondering if things can’t be altered to provide them more power in the decision-making process. This isn’t a new subject.  In fact it’s been raised repeatedly on three continents.  For the first time in world history, this past year witnessed over 50% of the global population now living in urban centres.  Most of the economic, technological, social and research innovation emanates from our cities, so it only stands to reason that as the human condition evolves those larger places where we live should take on…