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Twitter and Growing Out of Touch

Posted on October 29, 2015

SO, TWITTER HAS ENCOUNTERED SOME TURBULENCE, and not for the first time.  The company’s quarterly earnings report sent its stock price circling downwards. But it’s even worse than that, as former users in significant numbers abandon what had once been a popular platform for quick and incisive communication in favour of more pleasing options such as Snapchat and Instagram. Michelle Fleury, BBC business reporter, suggested yesterday that Twitter execs consider how Wall Street sees them. Twitter’s inability to add significant numbers of new users has got investors thinking that the company’s best days might have passed. Twitter let go 8% of its workforce in an effort to appease investors, but unless new users come aboard quickly, Twitter, once the darling of the social media…

Revolutions Without Revolutionaries

Posted on June 9, 2015

‘IF WE REALLY WANT TO MAKE CHANGE, then it’s time we used social media.” We’ve heard this often, but given the experience of the last few years one wonders if it’s accurate. It’s vital, to be sure, but it’s hardly the cure-all for democracy, our communities, or even the fate of humanity. We can be forgiven for wanting this to be true. The world requires change and we know it. The Internet seemed the obvious tool of choice, and its immediacy and punch often satisfied the momentary emotion we felt. But there’s a sense that its reach (and it is immense) doesn’t quite match its grasp. The reason for this is what it has always been: revolutionary tools (printing press, television, Internet) don’t necessarily…

Cup-a’ Community

Posted on January 27, 2014

SOME OF MY GREATEST MOMENTS HAPPENED THERE.  When the Little Red Roaster coffee shop closed up for good this past weekend, I realized that the journey of my life in the past 18 years could be traced through the hundreds of meetings I had in that little coffee shop over the years. I remember when I took my Sudanese kids there for their very first hot chocolate.  They didn’t know English very well, but the sheer delight on their faces as their taste buds relished the chocolate and whipping cream could be translated into any language.  I ended up buying them two each.  Everyone in the coffee shop that day knew of their story and gathered around in celebration.  It was my kid’s first…

“Reconfiguring Our Future” – Community Engagement Podcast (40)

Posted on August 29, 2013

It doesn’t have to always be a choice between sprawl and intensification.  Between the elderly and the young.  Between sustainability and development.  Between public transit and the car.  There are other options, often found in the middle.  Other communities around the world are experimenting with such options, in the process remaking those places where they live into the communities of tomorrow.  We can’t rely on the past, nor can we just import the future.  The best communities are those that develop homegrown talent, resources, compassion and a sense of togetherness. Just click on the audio button below to listen to the five-minute podcast.