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Promise Fulfilled

Posted on February 28, 2015

THE WORK OF FOUR REMARKABLE Canadian women in South Sudan has been so inspiring that I am including my new London Free Press article here on their efforts.  Just link to see some great pictures, along with a description of their efforts.  This is inspiring stuff in a new nation struggling to find its feet.  Proud to know these four great champions.

The Long Road Home

Posted on May 29, 2012

Of all our numerous undertakings, our work in Sudan over the last 15 years has stretched us the most. Something about attempting to function in what was then Africa’s largest country and in the continent’s longest running civil war helps you mature pretty quickly. When we first journeyed to the region in order to fight slavery we were totally in over our heads – and we knew it. Moreover, we had CBC television and the London Free Press along with us for the duration and feeling a sense of responsibility for their protection when you’re trying to learn the situation yourself was a sobering exercise. And yet it was life-altering. We had walked into history and we sensed it every minute. It had taken…

Winds of Change – Beginnings

Posted on January 17, 2011

I travel to Sudan one week a year to help in overseeing our projects.  Visits used to be much more frequent but parliamentary schedules and duties just make that impossible. The annual trips are taken on my break time and the costs are my own – nothing from the taxpayers. This recent trip was a move through history, as south Sudan conducted its own referendum, overseen by the international community, in which it would determine whether to become the world’s newest nation. We took a team of 12 Canadians to one of the world’s most remote regions to witness a people who felt they were righting a historic wrong. In the process, all of us were asked to be international observers and the referendum…


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