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It’s 2016: Ideas on Implementing Equal Pay

Posted on April 19, 2016

SPEAKING AT A BUSINESS BREAKFAST LAST WEEK, I fielded a few inquiries in a Q & A session regarding my last week’s blog posts on the issue of equal pay for equal work. Nothing really surprising there; the corporate community increasingly explores evolving issues like social good, living wage, environmental upgrades, and wage parity between the genders. One medium-sized business manager asked how best would a business go about implementing an equal pay strategy. Obviously I’m no expert (30-year firefighter), but some lessons gleaned from the equal pay movement have a clear and pressing sense to them. The first thing to remember if you’re thinking of evolving a business into an equal pay employer is that there a clear business case for it. Three…

Repackaging the Food Story

Posted on December 17, 2015

TALK OF IT IS EVERYWHERE these days: why do we throw out so much good food when families are going hungry? Answers abound, but in recent months increased attention has been directed towards grocery stores and some actions that are, and can be, taken to cut into all that waste. Key to much of recent efforts to divert some of the billions of dollars of food from being tossed out is that businesses themselves are coming to terms with the cost savings they could accrue through more efficient methods. Maximizing profits while cutting costs has been a mantra for businesses since the birth of capitalism and food companies and stores are now applying that method to food waste. For decades the practice of “stack…

Innovation Agents

Posted on January 29, 2015

  ONE OF THE GREAT CRITICISMS THAT HAS that always confronted the World Economic Summit in Davos each and every year is that its pronouncements sounds so grandiose and global when in fact little, if anything, concrete seems to come from all that talk and collaboration. We need evidence, the kind that is supposed to emerge when connected minds and collaborative intelligence get together and map out a way forward. Proof of what is possible is far more important to the billions in this world than mere projections of what could be. In numerous and provocative dimensions this is what billionaire and elite rebel Nick Hanauer has been prodding his peers to do: get real. Yet he understands that financial reform will prove impossible…

Mayors: Against the Wind

Posted on October 2, 2014

ONE OF THE INSIGHTS YOU DISCOVER IN RESEARCHING how successful mayors around the world operate is that virtually none of them claim to run their respective cities like a business. In other words, accomplishment is found in something else than a mere corporate model. This isn’t to downplay the importance of sound economic management or the claim that good business leaders can’t be good mayors. It’s just that their success is found in a more expansive and complex view. To claim that a city is just like a business and should follow the same disciplines does a great disservice to both cities and businesses. Good businesses provide goods and services, and hopefully research and development, only insofar as it is profitable to do so.…

Each Requires the Other

Posted on May 6, 2014

U.S. HOUSE BUDGET CHAIRMAN PAUL RYAN is attempting to have it both ways and he just can’t. His footwork is fancy, his rhetoric lofty, but in the end he can’t reward the rich and help the poor at the same time. It’s a lesson that has broader ramifications for capitalism. The former Vice Presidential nominee has been pretty serious and occasionally sincere in his reflections that those struggling in low-income situations should get more targeted help. He has frequented many drop-in centres, shelters, even food banks, and concluded the some serious problems are afoot that require an equally serious approach. At times he calls for an enhanced social safety net as a response. Ryan’s difficulty is that, as House Budget Chair, he is calling…

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