The Parallel Parliament

Glen Pearson

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The Secret Nook – Chapter 17 (Revelation)

Posted on October 23, 2018

They chose to lunch in town at a diner near the Inn, but the mood was sombre – its source being the sense of inability to move on just when she had arrived at the place in her life when she desired to head off in a new direction. “Well, there is one thing I gained that never would have happened if I hadn’t climbed into the Ford and driven here.” “And that is?” “Me,” she interjected with an attempt at a smile.  “I saw what I would become – or couldbecome if the fates were different.” He sipped his coffee, obviously thinking over what she had just said.  “I didn’t know you believed in fate.  When you were in my class all those…

The Time for “Not My Problem” is Over

Posted on December 1, 2015

IT COULD BE JUST ANOTHER INTERNATIONAL SUMMIT on climate change that is more about style than substance, but it seems that something is different about this one. To begin with, the meetings are being held just north of Paris, only a few weeks following the deadly terrorist events. There’s nothing quite like a devastating attack on progress and civilization to focus world leaders on what once was believed impossible. The citizenry in countries around the world has begun breaking through the “dead zone” of self-serving politics and is in the process, for good or ill, of electing representatives who can no longer accept the status quo. Ultimately, there is the growing evidence of environmental damage itself that is changing the equation. Sea levels are…