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The Secret Nook – Now Available

Posted on November 10, 2018

A dream.  A flashback.  A moment in time that might hold out hope for what was becoming an empty life.  But first she must discover what the dream meant and, more importantly, where it had occurred. Meadow Hartley left her gift and passions behind two decades earlier following the loss of her parents in a tragic car crash.  In the rural expanses of Virginia, she begins the long and heartfelt process of putting her life back together with the help of her old art instructor and the desire to recapture what had been lost. But there is a twist: instead of going back into her childhood, she must move into the future and see what she will become. The Secret Nook is a novella…

The Secret Nook – Chapter 10 (Technology)

Posted on October 8, 2018

She watched in amazement as Mr. Koay, with what looked like a cream-coloured woman’s swim cap on his head, stared intently at the two digital monitors in front of him.  “It’s called an ‘electroencephalogram’ or ‘EEG’ cap,” he said over his shoulder. The two screens in front of them performed separate but related functions.  The one on the right displayed a variety of colour swatches, brushes, erasers, a digital pallet, and even charcoal crayons – which for Koay would be essential, she realized. The second screen, to the left, was like a canvas, which could be changed at any time to represent rice paper, cloth canvas, parchment, oil skin, even wood complete with grains. “So, Meadow Hartley, what shall we paint?” “We?”she said with…

The Secret Nook – Chapter 7 (Duyi Koay)

Posted on October 3, 2018

She was downing her scrambled eggs and toast in the Inn’s restaurant the next morning when a voice at the counter asked, “Meadow?  Meadow Hartley?  My God, is it … you?” She looked up to see an old woman, wearing a spinster sweater with tiny pearl buttons and intricate weaving.  The woman looked impeccable, but the creases on her forehead and under her eyes spread out in directions across her face that she could never control.  Her hair was blue-rinsed but perfectly coiffed. For a moment, Meadow thought she recognized her but it was only fleeting. She rose hesitantly before saying, “Yes, I’m Meadow Hartley.” “I know … I know.  I can tell by your eyes, – Mediterranean blue,” the woman said, approaching slowly with…

The Secret Nook – Chapter 4 (Doodles)

Posted on September 28, 2018

It took Meadow longer than planned.  A late-Spring snow storm had ground traffic to a standstill.  By the time she arrived at Storm’s, she knew she was late, but it really didn’t matter.  Les was poring over the sports section of the local paper and didn’t even look up.  He only motioned to the coffee pot and said, “Grab a cuppa.  We’re not going to get any business until this blizzard lets up, which they say will be mid-morning.” Meadow hung her coat in the back and took longer than usual unlacing her boots since they were so packed with snow and slush.  Eventually she emerged from the back, routed through the kitchen so she could grab a muffin, and then appeared in the…