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Rolling the Dice

Posted on May 15, 2018

My city of London, Ontario is in the midst of a gambling debate, with some feeling our collective future could be at risk should a larger casino be built near the centre of town.  That’s likely a little dramatic since a slots casino has been with us for years. But the world itself has changed and key to it all is the difference in attitudes towards gambling inter-generationally.  Regardless of whether the casino is approved, attitudes regarding its presence in our midst are already going through a substantial shift. New research is telling us something important about how gambling is being perceived.  Here’s just a sample of what’s been discovered: While gambling remains popular with older generations, Millennials (1980-2000) take a far dimmer view…

We All Carry a Little of the Tragic

Posted on August 14, 2014

FROM OUR VERY FIRST SIGHT OF HIM WE KNEW there was something different. Whether he was portraying an alien, psychologist, cartoon character, a man dressing as a woman, or just a profound stand-up comic, we were drawn to Robin Williams by something far deeper than mere humour or talent. Somehow on his face was drawn the deep pathos of humanity, even if it was shrouded in hilarity. His death, announced this week, was unique in its ability to shock and dismay the hearer. We loved him, but we never knew how much until we learned he was gone. Some of us are inconsolable. Others have used the occasion of his passing to highlight the deeper realities of mental illness and depression. Still others have shed…


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