A dream.  A flashback.  A moment in time that might hold out hope for what was becoming an empty life.  But first she must discover what the dream meant and, more importantly, where it had occurred.

Meadow Hartley left her gift and passions behind two decades earlier following the loss of her parents in a tragic car crash.  In the rural expanses of Virginia, she begins the long and heartfelt process of putting her life back together with the help of her old art instructor and the desire to recapture what had been lost.

But there is a twist: instead of going back into her childhood, she must move into the future and see what she will become.

The Secret Nook is a novella that talks about how broken human beings can begin the long process of discovering who they were meant to be and how they might find that path they had left somewhere in the past.


The Secret Nook $5 paperback is available here and as a free digital download here.  Enjoy the book.