Meadow Hartley

31 Elm Ave.

Clifton Forge, VA


Ms. Hartley:


As the Dean of Admissions, it is a pleasure to inform you that a registered pre-paid admission plan has now been finalized and fully funded for the College of William and Mary’s Arts Degree program through the generosity of your parents, Jonathon and Shirley Hartley.

As a pre-registrant, you are entitled to enroll in our college at any time of your choosing, providing sufficient notice is provided and that your previous education marks and conduct fulfill the high standards that the College of William and Mary has held to since its inception.

Presently, you are slotted for the Art and Art History program, with a special assignment for art training at the Andrews Gallery, which partners with the program.

It is important for you to know that the College’s tuition rates will not increase for you.  The funds put aside for you will increase through accrued interest in the years ahead and will cover your program costs regardless of the climb in tuition fees.  Through the insight of your parents’ planning, the College of William and Mary will always have a place for you should you meet the entrance requirements.

Officials from the College have reviewed your outstanding work in painting and it is their belief that the talent you show at a young age is sufficient enough to believe that you will bring the College of William and Mary great honour.

Should you have any questions when the time comes for enrollment, please contact me at any point. We look forward to having you as a vital part of our institution and we wish you great success.





Margaret Gonder

Dean of Admissions

College of William and Mary