A number of folks have asked ow they can get a copy of my last couple of books.  So here’s a brief description, along with the links.  Truth Shapers is about a Republican Senator taking on a Republican President.  I didn’t realize when writing it that it would mirror so much of what is happening now south of the border.  The Third Place was really a labour of love for my city, which is full of so many good people endeavouring to build a more engaged city.  My first novella and I loved the entire process of writing it.  I lived for books when I was young; now books live in me.


The Third Place

I serialized this book over the course of the summer.  Everton Overly had an idea – a concept for how to pull citizens together in a place where they could begin to re-energize their community. It was called the Third Place – a restaurant where anything was possible as long as it respected others and bettered his community.  It eventually became the spark for community renewal in a city that was down and out on its luck.  Common themes are citizenship, family, collaboration, innovation, entrepreneurship and democracy.


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Truth Shapers

A young New Mexican senator caught in the designs of a manipulative White House and the draining world of political partisanship, Truth Shapers is the story of how Jonathon Oldfield fights back against a Washington political system that keeps America from being good and not just great. And through all of it he must seek a way of keeping his family from becoming one of the fallouts of modern political life. “No president alone can alter our decline and democracy can never survive that is based upon secrets, private enrichment or naked ambition. I only require my peers – all 300 million of them – to make the best choice on the basis of the information available to them.” Oldfield’s plea to the nation continues to be a rallying cry for a better politics throughout the world today. Democracy’s only way forward is through the striving and sacrifice of the average citizen determined to build a better world out of the ashes of self-serving political designs and a rampant consumer culture.


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