This past weekend a great group of citizens got together with some of our new city council (they get inaugurated today) to hold Poets-n-Politics, where our new politicians, and a few others, presented poems about themselves and the city.  I was fortunate enough to be asked to participate, writing a special poem for the occasion.  A number have asked for copies and I told them it would be the subject of my next blog post.  So, as promised:


I’ve got a city in me, pushing me forward, setting me free,

It contains multitudes; I am not alone,
It houses my hopes and has become my home.
Yes, it pushes me outward, to a place uncertain,
And begs me join it, pulling back the curtain.

I’ve got a city in me, challenging my mind, framing my thoughts,

It enhances my insights, gives meaning to life,
And reminds me that tolerance is better than strife.
Yes, it makes me think, and challenges my mind,
But it crafts my thoughts and makes them refined.

I’ve got a city in me, lifting my eyes, to a place of shadows,

I see hundreds of others, for justice they stand,
Who reach to the margins, holding out their hand,
Yes, they bring love to this city, providing a new start,
And remind us all that great cities have heart.

I’ve got a city in me, growing new themes, changing it course,

By providing its leaders with a task that’s immense,
Who, in turn, look to us to help it make sense.
Yes, politics is hard, but it need not be,
If we play our part, and work as a team.

I’ve got a city in me, inwardly churning, moving upward,

With dreams of its own and a future unclear,
It looks to us all to build it right here.
Yes, I once thought we shaped this place ,
But now I see it has its own pace.

We have a city in us, waiting for release, let loose,

Requiring us all to look around, not just ahead,
Working with others with whom we must tread.
Yes, our city is changing, history stirs,
Like the phoenix it rises, more lofty than these words.

Yes, we have city within us, yearning and vibrant,

It’s our home, and, God, we know we all love it,
Not wanting to put ourselves above it,
Yes, this city is us; we know that to be true,
Let’s give it the best within us, me and you.