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Got Your Back

Posted on August 27, 2014

THEY ARE INCREASINGLY BECOMING THE FORGOTTEN ONES – soldiers returned from Afghanistan in danger of losing government support for damage, internal and external, resulting from their respective tours of duty. Much as we might not want to think of that conflict, we mustn’t forget those who journeyed there under orders, nor the poor treatment they have received since coming home from the political masters who sent and resourced them. Joseph Angelini is one of them, and he now has a problem that he simply won’t relinquish out of loyalty to those he fought with. Joseph returned to Canada following two tours of duty in Afghanistan, first in 2005, and then again in 2008, where he was sent home suffering from PTSD and physical injuries after…

Young Enough To Be Different

Posted on August 19, 2014

RESEARCH BY THE UNITED NATIONS SUGGESTS THAT WE are rapidly becoming an urbanized world – by 2030, as many as 70% of the planet’s population will reside in cities. And, increasingly, cities are becoming younger by the year, as younger generations migrate to municipalities in search of everything from education and work, to culture and a place to build a family. It is a relentless tide that has the capacity to reset the framework of history. But not the town I live in. London, Ontario is gradually on its way to greying the landscape. In 10 years, one in every three Londoners will be over 55. It’s a wonderful city, but data reveals that we are increasingly losing the younger demographic to other cities, especially…

We All Carry a Little of the Tragic

Posted on August 14, 2014

FROM OUR VERY FIRST SIGHT OF HIM WE KNEW there was something different. Whether he was portraying an alien, psychologist, cartoon character, a man dressing as a woman, or just a profound stand-up comic, we were drawn to Robin Williams by something far deeper than mere humour or talent. Somehow on his face was drawn the deep pathos of humanity, even if it was shrouded in hilarity. His death, announced this week, was unique in its ability to shock and dismay the hearer. We loved him, but we never knew how much until we learned he was gone. Some of us are inconsolable. Others have used the occasion of his passing to highlight the deeper realities of mental illness and depression. Still others have shed…

Philanthropy: More Than Money

Posted on August 12, 2014

  I SPOTTED HIM A NUMBER OF YEARS AGO WALKING DOWN the aisle of a grocery store. He saw me from a distance, then quickly disappeared. It wasn’t difficult to know why. Only a year previous he had stopped me during a food drive and said that if he ever won the lottery, he’d give a full 25% to the food bank. We laughed at the time and I wished him well. Six months later he won a huge sum and I never saw him again until that day in the store. For whatever reason, we primarily think of philanthropy as a money matter. That’s unfortunate because the urge to help other human beings locally or globally is inestimable and beyond price. Sure, money makes…