During the course of my adult lifetime I have written some 55 books, ranging from kid’s stories to novels. In these last few years I’ve concentrated on subjects that are more citizen related because I fear if we don’t get that part right … well not much else will work.

You’d think that getting a glimpse of a new book would become old hat over time, but it never does. There must be vanity in it, but there’s also a sense of inner fulfillment that all those months of writing didn’t vanish into some kind of ether world.

The book that arrived yesterday was a compilation of all the blog posts I had written in 2011 – some 300 of them. They recounted some of the most turbulent times in Parliament before, during, and following my election loss last May. There are personal stories of the family, being an international observer in south Sudan’s historic referendum, and above all my own hopes for an engaged citizenry.

Currently I have four new books on the go, including ideas on citizen peace initiatives, a novel concerning a struggling woman in Darfur, a sequel to the biography of my daughter Abuk, and a book on London. I’ll be just as excited when they come in the mailbox too, I bet.

If you’re interested in securing one of the blog books, just go to the “Books” section at the top of this page or link to Amazon.com via this link.

Pardon the video below, shot by Jane as I collected the book from the mailbox yesterday. But as anyone who writes would know, to see what you’ve written over the months end up on paper is a feeling that you’ve at least done something with your thoughts. That’s how it was for me yesterday. Pardon the goofy excitement on this video.