Well, I don’t know quite what to say. It’s not often you get a hamburger named after you. When Adam Green of Relish’s Restaurant informed me he was going to dress up a special hamburger in his restaurant I told him it was a bad idea because nobody would buy it.  Nevertheless he persisted and it went on the menu on November 4th. I was delighted to discover that 38 burgers have been sold since then.

Normally I wouldn’t put this up on the blog, but it’s nice to meet an entrepreneur who was willing to turn the proceeds from the burger over to the London Food Bank – a great idea that came along just in time for Christmas. When my daughter Kathy and her family came down from North Bay for their Christmas visit, we thought it was a great idea to have the Glen burger all around and use it as a way to help the food bank during a challenging time.

This is what community is all about, and on behalf of the London Food Bank I thank all the great folks at Relish’s for bringing on the Christmas spirit early.